Holiday homes Vs Service apartments in Dubai

Just like luxury hotels in Dubai, holiday homes and service apartments provide same facilities and amenities. Still there are plenty of differences between them. Even though the dimension and space are same, the level of comfort and privacy inside the holiday home is more than traditional hotels.

When compared to hotels, the holiday apartments rental in Dubai is cost-effective and cheaper. You can stay for months inside holiday apartments rental in Dubai without worrying about safety and security.

You can cook and eat foods inside the kitchen rooms. The kitchen rooms have dining table and chairs which tourists can use liberally during their stay. Interior decorations, wall colors, furniture, fixtures and fittings and esthetics found inside the holiday homes are totally different from hotels.

Service apartments may or may not be residential complex. Whereas the holiday homes are individual bungalows or rented homes. The service apartments offer varieties of services like 24/7 reception or customer support desk, concierge rooms and storage spaces Stay holiday homes.

Holiday homes are costlier or expensive than service apartments. Group travelers may find holiday homes more comfortable than service apartments.  Most of the holiday homes in Dubai have children play area, free parking, pet-friendly parks and attached-restaurants. You can find these types of facilities inside service apartments.

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